10 Tips For Creating a Relationship That Lasts Forever !!!

3. Don’t Hide Who You Are

Honesty and openness are essential if you want a lifelong relationship. Your partner should know about your strengths and weaknesses, goals and fears (and vice versa). These are the things that will make you feel closer to each other. If you remain a mystery to them, they will eventually grow tired of trying to guess who you are and the relationship is going to be doomed.

4. Realize That It Isn’t Selfish to Look Out For Your Interests

A lot of times, when couples get into a relationship, one of them wants to play the role of a people pleaser. As a result, they won’t say “no” to going to a baseball game even if they find it boring. Or they will keep agreeing to get dinner at that mediocre Italian restaurant. While life is occasionally about doing things you don’t want to, there are times when you should stand up for yourself. A lifelong partner would understand and respect this.

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